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Swyx Solutions

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About Swyx

Integrated Communications Solutions from a SME – for SMEs.

Swyx develops communication software specifically tailored for small to medium sized companies (SMEs). SwyxWare is installed on a Microsoft ® Windows ® Server and brings together the complete communication needs of a company, in a single user interface. The classic telephone system is now redundant - all required communication functions run over your existing IP network, which offers all the advantages of integrated, unified communications (UC) in addition to traditional telephone services. This software approach and the easy expandability of SwyxWare, means that users are prepared for today, but also for the future.

Communication as a competitive advantage for SMEs.

SwyxWare’s rich range of features go far beyond the power of a traditional PBX. Companies can improve both its internal and external communications: colleagues are better informed through presence, customers are connected quickly based on extended call routing. Web conferencing and video telephony give employees greater scope and access to resources. Application sharing and online collaboration improves co-operation in the team: employees at distributed locations can work optimally together. SwyxWare integrates every employee device (including mobile phones) through its "single number" concept allowing the flexibility to choose what phone number is displayed to the recipient. The result: Improved workflow creates higher productivity at lower cost - a key competitive advantage for SMEs.

Swyx your business.

Swyx operates as a pan-European market leader via two-tier distribution and over 1,000 authorised resellers: the Dortmund based company with dedicated offices in the UK and France sells not only software solutions in six languages, but also has a range of suitable phones and other hardware devices in its product portfolio. Swyx’s award-winning unified communications include not only in-house (CPE) solutions, but also cloud-based variants with well-known partners: Europe already has 500,000 users that rely on Swyx, of which around 10 percent have chosen to use a cloud-based solution. The company currently employs more than 120 staff who are responsible for continually improving the SwyxWare solution for the communication requirements of today and in the future.


Headquarters Germany

Swyx Solutions AG
Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Str. 13a
44227 Dortmund

+49 231 4777 0



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